"Okra the Kitchen Witch"

"Okra's Poem"
I'm not your usual Kitchen Witch
As surely by now you can see.
In fact, the kitchen is hardly the place
Where you'll find the likes of me.

I'm a pampered, "dine-out" sort of gal;
Give me candles and a bottle of wine.
Gourmet meals are much more my style,
And white glove service suits me just fine.

Give me a taste of Nouvelle Cuisine......
A night on the town is my fondest hope.
And just so we keep it all perfectly straight......
I'm really allergic to dishwashing soap.

But while I wait for a dinner date,
I'm happy to lend a hand.....
I'm sure we can cook up a gourmet delight,
As long as it's frozen or canned.

-Anne-Marie Brombal © 2000