Cloth Belly Button Technique

Here's a sample of a belly button I made using the method described below.

I usually pull a good dent in where the belly button goes. I use button and craft thread and a long needle and run my thread from the belly button area, through to one of the dimples just above the bum, back through the belly button, and then back again through the other dimple above the bum. Turn around and have a look in the mirror and you'll see where those dimples are, just to the right and left of your spine, way down low, just above the crack (sorry....but that's the best way to describe it). If they've long since vanished in flab, like mine, grab the nearest little kid (preferably a relative, so you don't get arrested), and check out where those dimples are. Once you have dents in those three spots, tie off and conceal your thread. Then take a small circle of fabric and run a gathering stitch all around the outside edge. Pull it in tight and make the fabric pucker. Knot it off and leave the thread attached. Send your needle back through the belly button (with the attached and now puckered circle of fabric) and through the two dimples again, and then back through the belly button as many times as you need to create a nice neat "outie". As you are stitching, tuck any raw edges under, and there you have it, a three-dimensional belly button.